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Our big game decoys help hunters set up the most realistic decoy scenarios possible while on the move. Shop our lightweight, packable big game decoys.

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We build a better hunting decoy.

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We don’t just sell hunting decoys, we help solve problems. Whether it's a backcountry elk hunt, the peak of the whitetail rut or an ornery old tom turkey that won't respond to your calling, we have the decoy you need.

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We want you to be completely satisfied with the products you order. We offer a 100% guarantee for defective products.

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  • Founded in 1996, Montana Decoy is celebrating more than 20 years of creating the most innovative hunting decoys on the market.
  • Montana Decoy got its start from an average hunter trying to improve his bowhunting success.
  • Folding band saw blades served as the skeleton for the first decoy we ever created.