Decoy Guide

Big Game Decoy Setup Guide 3.0

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New Antelope, Moose, Mule Deer and Elk Decoy Setups!

We learn a little more about how to put a decoy to use every year. We are pleased to release our latest Big Game Decoy Setup Guide. Download your copy for FREE and use the 15% off promo code to get the decoys you need.

"I might not use a Montana Decoy on every hunt, but I always have it with me. There are many times when myself or a client probably wouldn't have harvested an animal if it wasn't for the decoy." - Fred Eichler, owner of Full Draw Outfitters and Host of Easton Bowhunting

Elk Decoy Guide 3 0 Thumb

Guide Includes

  • Best practices for using decoys in unique hunting situations.
  • Promo code for 15% off your purchase (limited time offer).
  • Calling and decoy tips from big game hunting experts.