Decoy Guide

Big Game Decoy Setup Guide 2.0

Big Game Decoy Guide

Deadly Elk, Antelope and Moose Decoy Tips

Each year as a company, we come out with products that make your experiences in the field better. Each year as hunters, we learn a little more about how to put decoys to use in the field. Download this guide to learn the latest tactics of decoying big game. 

"Since early man first put a string on a piece of wood and used it to cast a little spear called an arrow, we have been trying to get close enough to harvest animals with a bow. Decoys are a huge tool to help you with that goal." -Fred Eichler

Big Game Decoy Guide

Guide Includes

  • Seven new big game decoy setups.
  • Tips from the hunting industry’s leading experts.
  • Advice on where, when and how to use antelope, moose and elk decoys.