Antelope Buck & Doe


  • Buck: Unfolded: 38” x 30”
  • Buck: Folded: 13” x 10”
  • Doe: Unfolded: 28” x 23”
  • Doe: Folded: 9” x 10”

A one-two punch. The Antelope Buck and Doe combo gets you set up for any antelope decoying situation you may find yourself in. Spot-and-stalk hunting, waterhole hunting or setting up while calling during the rut? You’ll be ready because you can carry both a buck and doe decoy with you on every hunt.

Hunting Decoy Features

• Both antelope decoys fold flat to fit inside your pack and set up in seconds.
• Photo-realistic polyester fabric fools the keenest of antelope eyes.
• Allows you to be more mobile while hunting antelope.
• Both decoys easily fit inside your pack, ready for any decoy situation.