Big Red (Damaged packaging)

The decoy is in perfect shape, just the box had a bad day. Big Red can be used as a mini blind for cover when stalking animals anywhere cows are present. Works for big game, turkey and waterfowl.
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Big Red Moo Cow
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Product Description

No matter if you call it a stalking shield or a confidence decoy, Big Red Moo Cow can help you get your buck, bull or bird. With a larger body for cover, an improved see-through mesh screen and the addition of stalking handles, this moo cow decoy can be used to sneak up on a variety of game in any type of terrain where cattle are or have been present.

Product Information

Product Features

  • Moo Cow Decoy Feature 1 Folds down flat to a 19-inch diameter disc and pops up to full size in seconds.
  • Moo Cow Decoy Features 2 See-thru window allows total concealment when hiding behind the decoy.
  • Moo Cow Decoy Features 3 Its large size offers plenty of cover to hide behind when taking a shot.
  • Moo Cow Decoy Features 4 Reassuring pose and realism puts game at ease when used in areas where cattle is present.
  • Quick Stand2 Works great with a Quickstand (sold sep.) for easier use when moving often.

Big Game Decoy Setup Guide 3.0

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