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Plot Packantlers
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Product Description

Developed by Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo the Archer's Choice Plot Pack combines motion and versatility in way never seen before. The lightweight, very realistic decoy pack is the perfect tool for an avid whitetail hunter. Designed to be used throughout the whitetail season, simply adjust based on what the local deer are doing. Early season feeding? Use the Motion Doe by herself. Pre-rut and the bucks are setting the pecking order? Use the Buck/Doe with the antlers. Peak rut with chasing and breeding? Use the Motion doe and the Buck/Doe with antlers. Late season feeding time? Use both without the antlers on the Buck/Doe. The versatility is endless. Plus you can easily carry both in your pack and decide what to use when you get to your set up.

Product Information

Deer Decoy Setup Guide 3.0

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