“Fawnzy” Predator


  • Weight: 22 oz. (including poles)
  • Unfolded: 39” x 28”
  • Folded: 10” x 10”

Not one hair is out of place of place on this predator decoy. The Fawnzy brings predators into range in during the fawning periods of spring and summer. Pair this decoy with a fawn distress call and predators think they’ve found an easy meal. It’s an ace up your sleeve for fooling even the most wary predator eyes.

Hunting Decoy Features

• Folds flat to a compact 10-inch disc and pops up to full size in seconds.
• Life-like size and color of this predator decoy adds a realistic visual to calls.
• Easily carried with Kojo or Papa Bear decoys to sell your setup even more.