Song Dog Coyote Decoy

Song Dog
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Song Dog Sc
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Song Dog Coyote Hunt Footage
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Song Dog Sc
Song Dogwalking
Song Dog Hero

Product Description

Montana Decoy is proud to introduce an all new Song Dog, giving coyote hunters a more functional and realistic coyote decoy. No matter if you’re calling on a western sage flat or a block of pines in the Deep South, using this coyote decoy will add realism to your set up and help you be more successful on one of nature’s toughest targets.

“We are constantly searching for ways to improve our decoys for better success in the field,” said Montana Decoy Founder Jerry McPherson. “Using our new printing technology, as well as adding a 3D tail, have really taken this decoy to a whole new level.”

Slightly larger, with a new tail that adds life-like movement in even the smallest of breezes, the Song Dog still folds down to a small, lightweight, easy-to-carry package. All new printing means better detail.

Product Information

23" x 31"
9" x 9"
Weight (Including Leg Poles)
25 oz.