Fanatic Reaping Decoy

Fanaticon White
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Folding the Fanatic Decoy
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2017 04 23 Fred Satori Turkey 1 Img 2066 Copy
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Product Description

The life-like size and photographic realism creates an appearance that’s sure to rile up any gobbler that sees it. With the attached stake, push it into the ground within seconds for a quick setup or use it to stalk a hung-up bird while peering through the mesh window. Its light weight and stalking handle makes it easy to hold in one hand and while securing your gun in the other. For the run-and-gun turkey hunter, your chances just got a little bit better.

A NOTE ON SAFETY: Turkey reaping is a hot new tactic, but is a practice that should only be applied on private land where, if there happens to be multiple hunters, everyone is aware of each other’s location at all times. Hunt safe, hunt smart.

Product Information

12 oz. (including pole)
11” x 11”
29” x 29”

Product Features

  • Fanatic Reaping Decoy Features 2 Folding up to the size of a paper plate, the Fanatic decoy is made for the run-and-gun hunter.
  • Fanatic Stalking Decoy Features 3 Secure handle allows for one handed operation and better gun control.
  • Fanatic Reaping Decoy Features 1 See-thru mesh viewing window offers total concealment until it's time to take a shot.
  • Fanatic Reaping Decoy Features 4 May also be staked into the ground and used as a traditional gobbler decoy.

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