JAKE PURR-FECT™ is the ideal turkey decoy for making some old gobbler think a younger, inferior turkey has come to mess around in his neighborhood.
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Jake Purr-fect Demo
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Jake Decoy in Action
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Jake Turkey Decoy Gallery 5
Jake Turkey Decoy Gallery 9

Product Description

The combination of JAKE PURR-FECT's realistic feathers, 3D body, short beard and red head gives every indication of authenticity to the discerning eye of hens and toms alike. Featuring PERFECT POSE TECHNOLOGY™, you can change the pose to a looker, brawler or feeder jake decoy. Even the head position can be fined tuned. Its various pose will get the attention of a longbeard, and the realism will bring him in.

The body features feather cuts for genuine movement in the field. They will flutter in a breeze and provide a life-like soft edge to the profile.

Folding down to the size of a dinner plate, JAKE PURR-FECT™ fits perfectly in your vest and is always there when you need him. Montana Decoy is already known for making the most mobile turkey decoys on the market. Now, you can add most realistic and most versatile to the list.

Product Information

22 oz.
10" x 13"
10" x 35"

Product Features

  • Jake Turkey Decoy Features 1 Internal spring system allows the decoy to be easily opened and folded.
  • Jake Turkey Decoy Features 2 Gobblers rush in to put this subdominant decoy in its place.
  • Jake Turkey Decoy Features 3 PERFECT POSE TECHNOLOGY™ to match any situation.
  • Jake Turkey Decoy Features 4 Ultra-realistic features will fool even the wiliest of toms.

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