5 Must-Have Apps For Hunting

The onX Hunt App: 4.7 Stars on iTunes App Store

What we love: there’s no internet connection required. You can find your location on a map with grim to no network connection, plus track private and public land boundaries, look at terrain and follow routes just like you would in a car.

What users are saying about it:

Best App I Have Ever Used

This is my first review. Ever. I have been using OnX Hunt for a few years now. I cannot stop recommending this app to everyone I talk hunting with. I mark everything. Trails, tracks, rubs, scrapes, roosts, kills, sightings, tree stands, blinds, trail cameras.... everything. At first, I used it to keep inventory of my gear and where it was left. Now I share a few hunting spots and hunt some friends’ ground as well. They are now able to see where the trail cameras, stands and blinds are and can hang theirs accordingly. If I need or want them to check a cam? No problem. I can show them exactly where it is. From satellite and topo maps I am able to scout a lot from the air before I ever step foot on the property. And having landowner info is AWESOME when bow season is over and we change gears and start predator hunting. I measure, figure areas, scout, drop waypoints for everything. Best. App. Period. I will continue to pay for this app and will continue to recommend it to anyone that truly takes their hunting seriously.

- Anonymous User, App Store, October 2017

Primos Hunting Calls: 3 Stars on iTunes App Store

What we love: over 20 on-demand calls for turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs and more.

It’s a great way to practice and test your calls. You won’t even need earphones to connect in to hear the calls – the app has Bluetooth connectivity.

What users are saying about it:


I think this is the best app you can get if you are calling. I usually use the squirrel and coyote call, and I’ve had a lot of good luck with both of them.

- Anonymous User, App Store, January 2016

Accuweather: 4.6 Stars on iTunes App Store

What we love: minute-by-minute forecast prediction, barometric pressure, wind direction and speed.
All of these factors can play a big part in a whitetail herd’s movement. On the AccuWeather website and app, you can actually personalize the search to filter by your interests, i.e. hunting.

What users are saying about it:

Best I’ve tried

While no weather app is perfect because, well, it is the weather; AccuWeather is the best I’ve used. The thing that separates this app from the rest, for me, is the update frequency. This is key in weather apps because weather forecasting is predicated on constant shifts and changes as well as good ole meteorological science. AccuWeather really sticks its neck out by providing “minute by minute” as well as hourly forecasting, and it’s pretty darn good. My only gripe is that the radar should be faster. I have very high-speed internet service, and it takes longer than it should to load in my opinion. Like any software, it has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth it.

- Anonymous User, App Store, June 2017

HuntStand: 4.7 Stars on iTunes App Store

What we love: you’ll be able to plan out almost every aspect of your hunt.

HuntStand has it all – drop pins at sightings, stands, feeders and more, check the weather, build your own maps with trails, paths and fences. If you’re feeling generous, you can share the maps you create with your friends.

What users are saying about it:

Great App!

There are those who are low tech and then you have those who are no tech. I am somewhere in between. I have a smartphone because my job requires me too but I really struggle with all things electronic. That being said, this app is really user-friendly! I’ve had it for at least a few hunting seasons now but have really started using it building up to this season. I own 60 acres and have used it to measure and mark food plots, I use it when I have a group of hunters so I can keep up with where they are located on my ranch, and I use it to show my hunters where the boundary lines are, which direction they can and can’t shoot and I use it for many other things on my ranch. It’s a lot of fun, it’s practical, useful, and it functional for even us less than tech-savvy. Now I just can’t wait to start getting maps made!!!! Bottom line. You should get the app! Take the time to figure out all you can do with it and then enjoy!

- JB, App Store, November 201

Scoutlook: 4.6 Stars on iTunes App Store

What we love: you can tailor your experience by the game you are hunting. This app lets you map topography, pin locations you want to locate again and tailor your experience by filtering preferences by the game you’re hunting. Track waterfowl flight patterns, save and locate ideal wind conditions for deer hunting and share your findings with friends.

What users are saying about it:

14-Point Buck

Spot-on movement times have already helped me harvest a 14 point and an 8 point this year. Makes it easy to decide which stand I'm going to hunt before I leave my house.

- Google User, December 2018

Insider Tip

If you decide to download one of these apps, check to see if it’s set up for “family sharing.” Family Sharing is an iTunes feature that allows up to six family members to use the app at once.

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