Decoying Mule Deer With an Antelope Decoy

It isn’t crazy if it works.

Hunting decoys are tools. Each year we hear stories about how hunters find new ways to employ them in the field. The latest account came from this past weekend. Outback Outdoors team member, Trevon Stoltzfus, was in Colorado for the archery mule deer opener.

It wasn’t long before Stoltzfus’ binoculars found the velvety antlers of mule deer buck sticking out of the grass. However, there was a country mile between Stoltzfus and the buck. Calf-high bushes and grass were the only cover the landscape provided.

Stoltzfus knew he would have to stalk behind a decoy to get within bow range of the bedded buck. It was decision time. Stoltzfus had an Antelope Buck Decoy and the new Miss Muley in his pack. He chose to deploy the antelope decoy, a decision he made based on his scouting.

“There were so few mule deer and tons of antelope in that place,” said Stoltzfus. “Also, the antelope move more than the deer, so they are used to a lone antelope walking by. “Matter of fact, in the video you’ll see when the episode airs, a herd of antelope run by in the distance right before I shoot.”

Using the Eichler Antelope decoy to close the distance, Stoltzfus eventually found himself within bow range. When the buck stood to head out and feed in the evening. Stoltzfus’ arrow, tipped with a Wasp Jak-Knife broadhead, interrupted his dinner plans.

This is a tactic hunters should seriously consider when stalking muleys in antelope country.

Bedded Mule Deer
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Stalking Mule Deer With a Decoy

Stalking to within bow range of a big mule deer buck is exhilarating and challenging. Now, you can embrace the hunt with a mule deer decoy.