Do I need a Quickstand?

The Quickstand is one of those hunting tools that can easily add a lot to your hunt or be easily misunderstood. The short answer is, if you just bought an Eichler Antelope decoy then, no you don’t need a Quickstand since one comes with that decoy. But if you haven’t bought a Eichler Antelope and you’re spot and stalk hunting in open terrain or know you’ll be using the decoy for some cover then yes, you should consider one.

What the Quickstand does:

Makes solo stalking with a decoy easier. The Quickstand’s main purpose in life is helping you set or move the decoy using one hand and one foot. This one-handed operation allows you to keep your bow in your other hand. Without the Quickstand, the decoy legs can become a two-handed job to get in the ground.

The Quickstand makes carrying the decoy unfolded easier. It eliminates flopping legs or poles coming out. It is your responsibility to make sure it’s safe to carry your decoy in that fashion. In other words, there should not be any other hunters on the property and certainly never do so during a firearm season.

The Quickstand also folds up easily, just like the decoys, so you can carry it in your pack. It also adjusts to find almost all of our current and past Big Game or Deer decoys.

What the Quickstand doesn’t do:

It doesn’t replace the leg poles, rather it works with them.

The Quickstand doesn’t allow the decoy to set up on ground that the leg pole points cannot penetrate. You still have to get some of the point in the ground.

So, who really needs the Quickstand?

Any elk, deer, antelope or other hunter who is stalking with a decoy. You can use it on the Big Red Decoy to stalk anything, elk, geese, antelope or even turkeys. If you are moving often and using the decoy for cover, then a Quickstand is for you. It will make the hunt more enjoyable and it can help you to be more successful.

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