Easy to Carry Lightweight Turkey Decoys

By CJ Davis

Turkey hunting is tough, which is what also makes it so rewarding. You’re up before the sun and off into the dark woods, many times without a clue where birds roosted the previous night. With you is a whole load of gear, including calls, decoys, locator calls, snacks, water, maybe some camera equipment, all crammed into an overworked vest. And honestly it’s not the weight you’re carrying that affects how you move through the turkey woods, it’s the bulk.

Whether you’re weaving through pines in South Carolina, mesquite in Texas, or Gambel oak in Colorado, there’s a good chance that getting your gear snagged is going to alert every turkey in the area to your presence. A lot of times that bulk is caused by the oversized turkey decoys riding in the back of your vest. When a limb pops a piece of rubber or plastic, the echo can carry for miles in the still morning air. That’s why we’ve created a lightweight turkey decoy that folds down into the size of a dinner plate for superior packability. You might say there’s also an element of attractiveness to them as well because oftentimes, old tom likes what he sees. Plus, you could smack a snare drum with one and hardly get a sound in return.


Among a turkey’s many senses is the innate ability to decipher unnatural sounds in their environment. This may be one of the main reasons why I choose a minimalist approach to chasing these wary birds - a couple calls, my stick bow (you heard right), and a few turkey decoys for a variety of situations.

Sometimes I carry a camera. The visuals you can capture in the spring woods are unreal, such as the brilliant red of a cardinal against a bright green backdrop. When you don’t have bulky, noisy decoys taking up most of the room in your vest, you get to carry a few things you may otherwise leave at home. We’ve built these lightweight turkey decoys specifically for the hunter who wants to decrease bulkiness.


Our turkey decoys fold down to the size of a dinner plate and are secured with a strap so they won’t pop open in your vest. Also, like a dinner plate where you can carefully select each bite or mix everything together, it’s much the same with this selection of turkey decoys. Miss Purr-fect is deadly on her own. Throwing Jake Purr-fect into the mix makes dominant gobblers go crazy. Or, if he’s hung up in a field with several hens and won’t come to your call, put the Wiley Tom reaping decoy into play and hold on.

Our turkey decoys fold down into the size of a dinner plate, making it easy to care multiple in your vest.
Our turkey decoys fold down into the size of a dinner plate, making it easy to care multiple in your vest.

All three of them together tells a gobbler there’s safety in numbers, the opportunity to breed a hen, and the possibility of a good fight. Being able to carry all three in my vest has significantly increased the number of birds I’ve toted out of the woods for myself and others over the past several seasons. Like our motto says, pack weight out, not in.


Every decoy we sell is built on three very important factors: lightweight, packability, and realism. What sets us apart in the realism department is that we use a high definition photograph to accurately represent whatever animal it is we’re trying to replicate.

Taking it a step further, Miss Purr-fect and Jake Purr-fect are adorned with feather cuts to provide the subtle movements you’d see in a slight breeze in the wild. The reaping decoy, Wiley Tom, has slots in the base of the fan where you can add real feathers, if you wish. And the head and eyes were given an attention to detail you’d find in the best taxidermists.

We’re crazy about turkey hunting. Beyond building the lightest and most packable and realistic decoys on the market, we spend a whole lot of time in the woods merely spectating. And those experiences we often write about. So if you’re looking for the resource on all things turkey and big game hunting, sign up for our newsletter to make sure you’re receiving the most recent tips and tactics.

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