Gun Hunting Strategy: Use a Deer Decoy

The season is nearly here. The season when more big bucks hit the ground than any other time of the year. It’s the time when peak rut and gun season meet at that crossroads in the woods where many hunters plan to spend the majority of the yearly deer hunting days.

Imagine this scenario: For two years running you’ve seen a nice buck from the shooting house overlooking the most lush food plot on the property. Maybe it’s been the same deer both years. Maybe not. Regardless, he has yet to step out of the woods. There are usually does using this field throughout the season though their numbers taper a bit as the local hunting pressure builds. Unfortunately for you, when the big buck came cruising by, looking for a hot doe, there wasn’t one in the field.

We can’t say we have the solution to every deer hunting problem, but this one we do. Her name is Dreamy Doe. This ultra-realistic, life-like decoy is the kind of doe every buck wants to mate. Had it been staked in the middle of the plot, we guarantee that buck would have at least taken a moment to step out of the woods and give it a good look over. And a moment is all you need for a rifle to do the job.

Stake Dreamy Doe in the middle of the field where it is most visible. Drag a an estrus-soaked rag behind you on the way into the plot then attach it to the decoy’s tail with a safety pin once you stake it into the ground, keeping the scent in the air.

“An untended doe with the smell of estrus in the air is exactly what a big buck roaming the woods is looking for at this time of year,” said Vicki Cianciarula of Archer’s Choice. “A doe decoy can pull him out of heavy cover and into shooting range.”

Cruising bucks find it very hard to pass up Dreamy Doe, especially when coupled with The Freshman, as you’ll see in the video below. When a buck sees its seductive pose, and a younger, inferior buck seemingly guarding her, they can’t help but come closer to investigate. To create this “Lockdown” position, but Dreamy Doe in a bedded pose with The Freshman standing just behind it. This unique pose is very effective during the rut when, as you know, dominant bucks have but two things on their minds.

NOTE: Always exude extreme caution while hunting with a decoy during the gun season. The following video demonstrates hunting safely over Dreamy Doe and results in a great hunt by Tyler Ridenour of Antler Geeks. Also, download Deer Decoy Setup Guide 2.0 for more tips on using decoys as well as scent and calling tips. The guide is free and you'll receive a promo code for 15% off your next purchase. 

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