MISS PURR-FECT: A Revolution in Turkey Decoys

MISS PURR-FECT™ is a super-effective, 3D hen decoy that is sure to liven up even the worst turkey hunter’s spring. Using PERFECT POSE TECHNOLOGY™, we were able to design one decoy that is quickly and easily set up in the feeding, breeding or looking pose, depending on the hunting scenario.

You might say that MISS PURR-FECT™ is set up like an accordion - its internal springs allow you to simply unclip the strap and open it in about two seconds. When you’re ready to put the decoy back in your vest, simply compress the body into a 9” x 13” saucer plate using both hands and reset the strap. Never again waste time blowing up and deflating a noisy decoy that’s responsible for scaring more toms than a lousy caller.

MISS PURR-FECT's accordion-style body allows you to setup or pack up the decoys in seconds.

MISS PURR-FECT's accordion-style body allows you to setup or pack up the decoys in seconds.

To set it up, assemble the hinged leg pole by simply popping one piece into the other. Flip MISS PURR-FECT™ on its back. There, you’ll notice the two sleeves next to the leg-pole strap that have been sewn into the body at angles; one is for the feeding pose, the other for breeding.

The rear-facing sleeve (closest to the tail) is for the feeding position. By molding the neck, or pulling it upwards, you can simulate a hen that is looking for something to eat or actually pecking the ground. A feeding hen is obviously relaxed, thus disarming a gobbler with commitment issues.  

For the looker pose, use the opposite sleeve. Again, you can mold the head or neck to whatever position you wish. While she may seem on full alert in the looker position, the decoys actually invokes an invitation to mingle. Note that when a turkey is nervous or scared they don’t waste time in running or taking flight to safer pastures.

The breeder pose is quite simple. Take the pole out, put it back into your vest and set the decoy on its belly. There have been questions as to whether MISS PURR-FECT™ will blow over onto its back if the wind picks up. As most of the decoy’s weight lies in the belly area, it would take a pretty stiff gust to even rock it off its position. And if it does rock slightly, it will always resettle to the breeding position. In fact, with feather-cut fabric on the body, a breeze will add realism to the decoy, much like actual feathers would move in the wind.

Simply remove the stake and MISS PURR-FECT is in the breeding position.

Simply remove the stake and MISS PURR-FECT is in the breeding position.

We’re proud of MISS PURR-FECT’s revolutionary design because this decoy consistently does what we designed it to do - kill gobblers. These realistic features and natural movements will fool even the wariest old tom that’s managed to elude a hunter or two. If there’s a decoy today that you want to have in your vest all season, it’s undoubtedly MISS PURR-FECT™.

Here are a couple reviews from turkey hunters on BassPro.com.

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