Turkey Hunting Tips – For Women By Women

Over the last decade, women have become an exciting new addition to the hunting industry. And we’re not just talking about a willingness to purchase the gear as a style statement (cough cough, pink camo) – these ladies are out in the woods in the cold and the dark, toughing it out just like their male counterparts.

How are they doing it? Certainly not by dumb luck. We asked some of the most savvy female turkey hunters to tell us their secrets to success. Watch out fellas, you might get out-hunted by someone named Brittney. Not that it’s a competition…

Amanda Scheels, Northern Tracks Outdoors
Being that I was born, raised and reside in northern, Wisconsin, I have seen the turkey population grow up here from zero. Then, they started releasing them and finally we had a turkey season. The best thing you can do for yourself while hoping to harvest a gobbler is scout, scout, scout. Find where they roost. With turkey hunting, you will soon find out (if you haven't already), the turkeys care about your wardrobe! Blending in with your surroundings is your second best weapon while hunting them. Also, practice using your gun, or bow, in different positions. Kneeling, squatting, standing, etc. You never know how a shot may be presented. Lastly, get your calling down pat! Watch YouTube videos and collect as much knowledge as you can about their calling patterns. Your heart will start pounding when you get your first gobble back! - AS

Brittany Barnhart

Remember your first time on a turkey hunt, where you learned your strengths and the need for residual patience to get the job done? Remember the first time you heard a gobble and the way it made you feel? That alone will make anyone addicted to the spring season. I’ve learned that staying confident in the skills you’ve built over time are key to being successful. The right decoys are important, calling accurately is important, and knowing when to use these tools is vital when turkey hunting. A hunter must realize that it does not always happen the first morning or the last, but continuing to know who you are as a hunter will keep the fire lit inside you. Remember hunting is not killing, it’s called “hunting” for a reason. It’s a beautiful sport and treating it as so is vital to understanding that not everyone wins every time. Patience is the most important quality one can have so don’t give up and continue to battle the spring turkey season. - BB

Courtney Nicolson

Turkey hunting is a game of patience and stamina. Always bring a seat cushion with you to make those long sits easier. A turkey vest with a built-in cushion and back padding is the best way to go. When a turkey is in sight, you want to move as slowly as possible. For this reason I always use a mouth call so I already have my shotgun in my hands ready to go and minimize movement. -CN

Shannon Wolff

The best advice I can give any turkey hunter is this: Make sure you do your homework! Roost the bird, check your trail cameras, and come up with a plan. Also be careful not to over call. Always be patient! Because if that big gobbler is with a hen he will breed her then hopefully come your way. And of course, always have fun. - SW

Courtney Miller

Ladies, don’t be afraid to get aggressive when chasing turkeys. I have a lot of girlfriends fairly new to turkey hunting who let their male counterpart take the lead, which is a great way to learn. But never be afraid to take the lead after a few hunts.

I first learned how to turkey hunt with my dad and brother, but after a couple years I wanted to up my game. I started practicing with calls and reaching out to some of the pros at Quaker Boy for tips. After lots of practicing I started solo hunting. Carrying all my gear wasn’t easy being a fairly small woman. I tripped a few times and messed up along the way, but that’s how you learn. I got my first tom with a bow, SOLO. It felt so good to call my dad and brother announcing my success afterwards! - CM

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