A Winter Weekend Getaway for Coyote Hunters

By mid-January, cabin fever begins to set in. Some people go skiing. Some people cruise south or go golfing in the desert. Many hunters go coyote hunting. Loading up the truck, corralling old friends and heading to a predator hunting camp is one of the best ways to take the edge off during winter.

We are not talking about a DIY coyote hunt. Sure, you can opt for that option and hope for the best, but the price of having a coyote guide for a few days is cheap and well worth it. Coyote hunting packages average from $150 a day to $500 dollars a day depending on what all is included and how luxurious you want your meals and lodging to be.

All outfitters we have researched included a guide, all daily meals and lodging. Some throw in pelt processing and a discount on taxidermy. If you can, find an outfitter that teaches calling and decoy tactics as you hunt. You may pick up a new coyote-hunting tactic to use at home.

Most hunters are probably coming off of big-game seasons where they spent a lot of time in a treestand or on a mountaintop alone. It’s a nice change of pace to get on the ground with your buddies and hunt. Depending on the tactic you employ, it can be more of a social hunt, like waterfowl or dove hunting.

So start Googling “coyote guides and outfitters,” call up your best guy or gal friends, pack up your coyote decoys and the new gun you got for Christmas and head to coyote camp. If you have ever experienced a coyote charging into your set, you know how much it will be. If you haven’t, this will plant the seed of a new passion to pursue in the offseason.

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By mid January, cabin fever has set in. Some people go skiing. Some go on a cruise. Yet some load up the truck, call a few friends and go coyote hunting.