Properly Placing a Deer Decoy

“I’m CJ with Montana Decoy and I’m going to talk about a very specific setup for the Deer Rump Decoy. So, we are actually in one of the places I hunt here in South Carolina.

There’s a tree stand behind the camera and you can see behind me a rough lane through the woods. There’s also sorta lane that runs this way. It’s really thick behind us, but there’s a lot of acorn trees here, white oak acorns.

So my thought process is if I were gun hunting here, and obviously I’ll use decoys when I’m gun hunting, but you always want to be safe about it. You want to put orange on yourself and the decoy when you’re coming in and you never want to use one if there’s a chance somebody else is hunting near you.

But in a gun scenario here with a rifle, what I wanting to do is make a deer stop in one of these lanes. Because it’s so thick, it’s easy for them to slip through and me not to get a clean open shot. So, the decoy placement is slightly angled and that’s my design because if a deer is coming from this direction I want to it catch the sight of the decoy and at least pause. Same thing with the lane behind me. It just gives you that extra little bit of time where you can settle in and make a good clean shot. But I think adding a decoy to your mix is a great scenario for any hunting situation.”